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Paul Dewar takes on the ULTIMATE Tri Challenge
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Day 8

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Day 8

So I was in bed by 9.30pm, and asleep straight away. I was up and munching Weetabix at 5.45 and on the road at 6.30. Another early start but I had a long day ahead of me, 147 miles of joy to my bottom. Have I mentioned it’s pretty sore at the moment?


I set off knowing that I would have the wind behind me for at least a couple of hours and so it proved. My left knee has been giving me some issues but once I get a few miles under the belt it seems to sort itself out. It does seem to be taking more miles each day though to get it pain free before the pain returns after a 100 miles or so.


The views were stunning, looking out over the coast and for once the sun was shining, I couldn’t quite believe it!

As we swung towards Inverness at around the 50 mile mark I had the first real testing climb of the day. Short though it was in comparison with what was to come, it was still a leg sapper. The drop down to Inverness was interesting. The sun was trying to shine here but the bridge was surrounded by a cold fog, so bad that I couldn’t see the tops of the bridge supports, and my breath was condensing like the middle of winter.


Here was another hike up. A double dip hill, well that’s what I call them. A long climb, punctuated by a short drop to make you think that you are at the top. Although I was going up to 1400 ft they were long climbs, get in a low gear and just keep tapping away for a while. I was on the busy A9 so the surface was pretty good, which makes a difference.


This was the gateway to the Cairngorms so hills and wind are a given. The scenery here was lovely as I passed Aviemore and Dalwhinnie before the final climb of the day. I was turning steadily eastward and spent the last 20 miles in the wind, but at least it was going gently downhill.


Don’t feel so tired tonight but have another big day tomorrow, I suppose they are all big days really.


147 miles, 5,800ft, 10 hours 20 ish

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