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Paul Dewar takes on the ULTIMATE Tri Challenge
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Day 7

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Day 7 THAB


Well, guess what, what a day of two halves.


After my little tickle on Hells door yesterday, I went back this morning to have another little sneaky peak. Fortunately once again I was turned away. The weather this morning was very cold and misty and made for an earie first couple of hours.


The first 25 miles or so was on a single track road across the moors. During the whole of this time I only saw 5 deer, 2 cars and a handful of houses, unbelievably remote and desolate. This gave me time to prepare for the wind that I knew was waiting for me as soon as I hit the main road, and boy it didn’t disappoint. I sat in this wind for another 45 miles all the way to John ‘O Groats, just trying to tick along without it getting to me.   My overall average was plummeting like a stone, but at least I knew in the back of my mind that once I turned around to head back south that I would have the benefit of the wind.


I reached John ‘O Groats at about 1.15, about 45 minutes behind schedule. It had taken me 6 ½ days to cycle from end to end. Now what most sane people would do is put there bike in a car and drive to the nearest hotel for a celebration drink. Not me, I turned around and got on with the job in hand, scooting back down the country.


I was going back down the coast now and had the wind on my tale, what a difference, I was flying along now and started to claw back some of the time I had lost. The road was fairly flat, that is up to the last 10 miles when a trio of large ups and downs was waiting for me, they were punishing climbs but my reward was the run down to our overnight stop. 2 miles of fresh tarmac, all downhill, a great way to finish a hard day.

The last two days have really taken it out of me, both in the legs and mentally.


I sit here now, it’s 8.30pm and I am falling asleep. Bedtime me thinks


128 miles. 7,200ft, and believe it or not 10 hours 30 something. Goosed

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