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Paul Dewar takes on the ULTIMATE Tri Challenge
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Day 20

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Day 20


Up as usual this morning though I gave myself an extra 15 minutes in bed, feeling a tad tired for some reason. I was on the slab by 7 am and being gently pummelled till about 8.15. Adam then tapes me up to protect the muscle tear and I am ready to go.


Once again I was off at 9 am with Jack, he who has two muscle tears, and we sauntered/plodded off into the distance.


We managed a good number of shuffles between the ups and downs and did our usual speed march any other time. By 12 miles we had been moving for 3 hours and felt confident of a time beginning with a 6. As we rounded the lake the downhills took their toll on me, I could feel the muscle starting to ache and tighten so didn’t want to push on too much. We still managed the odd shuffle but I would have liked to have done a bit more.


The feed boxes came and went and we both enjoyed the support from many previous 10ers and also many people who had registered for the race day tomorrow, beeping their horns as they went by.


As we approached ice cream mountain Jack and I were asked what event we were taking part in by a young man running and a couple out for a walk. They both made our day and gave us some dosh for the charity. Thank you.


We plodded and shuffled along and eventually struggled up the drive and crossed the finishing line. Another one ticked off, another step closer to the goal.


1587 miles done (approx) in 20 days


26.2 left in 1 day


Usual distance 6:57

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