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Paul Dewar takes on the ULTIMATE Tri Challenge
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Day 18

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Day 18


Once again I set off without a watch and once again my legs felt remarkably good compared to the previous days. I tend to spend the first few miles getting warmed up and assessing the body to see what is hurting and what is not. This morning was a tad different as I had to squeeze my wounded heel into my shoe. It actually was a lot better this morning and once I had shoe horned it in it felt a lot better.


Back to the running, as I said things were feeling good and I felt myself stretching along nicely, taking in the scenery and enjoying my running. I reached the turnaround feeling good and prepared to tackle the hills like yesterday. Things were going to plan and I had a good feeling that I was going to knock another 20 minutes off my time.


Around mile 16 I started to feel an occasional tingle in my left quad. I didn’t think much about as it seemed to be just fleeting so ploughed on. A few miles later and I knew I had a problem, the tingle had become permanent and was not getting any better.


I slowly trudged my way back to the finish, picking up a waterproof and some food to keep me warm as it was drizzling. I was pretty upbeat to be honest, I thought I had a muscle problem and although not fixable immediately, I knew that if I tried to protect it now I might have a chance to run on Sunday.


When I got back I was immediately assessed by Adam and put in the ice bath for 15 minutes to help reduce the swelling around the muscle. Once out I was assessed again and then Adam went to work to see exactly what was going.


The outcome, I have a grade 1+ tear in my vastus medialis, that is the smaller muscle above and to the inside of the knee. I will be doing no running as such tomorrow, but walking and shuffling. It will be a long day, but, let’s face it I’m not done yet. I will no doubt be having a little tickle on Hells door tomorrow at some stage.


20ish run 5ish hobble. 5 hours 38 mins

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