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Paul Dewar takes on the ULTIMATE Tri Challenge
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Day 16

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Day 16


Traditionally in 10 in 10 terms this one is ladies day, were the men are supposed to dress up a bit for the start. This year instead though, the therapist’s team dressed up in dresses, all very funny and some great comments during the morning session.


The therapists all seem to be a great bunch and very professional, when not dressed as woman that is. My lads were on my by 7:45 and gave me a good session to flush things out and give me a good stretch out. Adam came and gave me the usual hip flexor stretch. I cannot describe how painful this is. He inserts his fingers deep into the side of my stomach to reach the muscle fascia and then gets me to move my leg. It has to be one of the most painful things that I have ever done. Rob, being treated on the next table to me said it was like a cartoon were Adam was reaching into my stomach to extract a comedy set of keys.


We started as normal at 10.30 and like yesterday I didn’t wear a watch so ran on feel. I tried to hold back as, well, you know, it is a marathon. I felt really good early on and had to make a pit stop at Hawkshead, I have to say that the public loos there are fantastic. Down to 10 miles or so and I thought I was moving at about the same time as yesterday. As I rounded the lake I felt about the same as yesterday, and so pushed on through the hilly section, trying to run the downhills as best as possible without taking too much out of my legs.


By the end of this section I still felt good and plodded the long flat road between 16 and 20 miles at a reasonable pace. Bowness came and went and I headed to ice cream mountain still feeling as good as yesterday.


This is where it starts to get hard, 4 and a bit miles to go and my form starts to go as the quads are getting really tired still. There is a lot of gentle downhills here and normally it is a great stretch of road to push on, but at the moment it is just not possible.


I wobbled a bit and came over the line having lost a bit of time in the last mile or so. My guys met me over the line and I was scooted straight in to recovery, food, stretch, ice bath, more food, treatment. It’s a bit of a routine now.


One sad note was that we lost a runner. Jim, who has done the event twice before and is a great supporter of Brathay, made the brave decision to pull out after really suffering with leg and hip problems. He is my roommate and I have seen the distress he has been in just sitting down. A great man and a real gent.


On that note I’m out of here.


Usual 26.2 in 5 hours 11mins

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