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Paul Dewar takes on the ULTIMATE Tri Challenge
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Day 15

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Day 15

Well, well, well, what a day of one whole.

Yesterday I was subjected to some different treatments, more intense and more painful, followed by the usual pummelling that I get. This morning also I was attacked in the hip flexors by Adam, now that is painful. I was taped up again and sent on my merry way.

The quads felt a little looser last night and this morning so I was hopeful that I might actually be able to have a bit of a stab at actually running for the majority of the course rather than shuffling along for half of it.


I set off as normal, without my watch, and trundled along as usual. After my pre-race thoughts of actually being able to run I was finding it surprisingly difficult to get going and was changing my mind about the day ahead of me.


I was distracted by various bods turning up to see me and the other guys from the Tri Club and this helped me to forget the miles as they went by. By mile 10 I was still not convinced that I was going any quicker, as I say, I didn’t have a watch. I plodded on and reached mile 14, from here was the test. I been struggling from here on during this event as it gets hilly and my quads can’t go downhill.


Well as it happens for once, my form held together and I managed to get further up the hills and even managed to have a go at running down the hills. What a difference. I was finally feeling that my legs were doing OK, still not fats but at least I was better.


I managed to hold my form more or less to the last mile were I it all went to pot. Who cares, I was nearly home so walked a bit then jogged it in. I was met at the bottom of the drive by my two therapists who immediately start to assess me and work out what needs to be done when I get in. A quick jog down to the finish and done for another day.


Mentally, I felt that this was one of my better marathons that I have run, physically perhaps not.

I have been in for treatment and feel a bit looser still. We will see what tomorrow brings. Off to bed now


26.2 miles, surprise. 5:34 heading in the right direction at last.

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