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Paul Dewar takes on the ULTIMATE Tri Challenge
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Day 14

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Day 14


Well, what a day of two halves, surprise, surprise.


Very similar to yesterday to be honest. I spent another hour on the slab being gently prepared for the start, but somehow the quads are not really getting any better at the moment, not surprising really. They have now done over 1400 miles in 14 days.


I set off at a steady pace which felt comfortable, but as yesterday by the time I was at the 10 mile mark I know that I was in for another long day at the office. I am now resigned to the fact that these marathons are going to take some time.


Much the same as yesterday the second half was a bit of a waddle rather than a run, and much the same as yesterday ‘it is what it is’

I did have some support on course today, great to see Alan D again and also several members of the UTC, Euan, Steve and Susan and some beeps from several people.


I’ve been in therapy again tonight and it is much the same as yesterday, quads are goosed. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.


26.2 miles erm 6:02, whoops

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