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Paul Dewar takes on the ULTIMATE Tri Challenge
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Day 12

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Day 12


So after my meltdown yesterday afternoon, I found myself preparing my feed bottles for the marathon followed by a briefing for the event before our evening meal. The 10 marathons are organised by Brathay Trust, the charity that I am raising money for, so there are 11 other runners doing the event.


They are all great guys and I am looking forward to the next 10 days with them. So day 1 for them and their support towards me has been great.


Today was about finding out what I had in the legs, as it transpires I don’t have an awful lot in the legs. I was told last night that my quads were pretty shot by Adam, the lead sports therapist, so wasn’t expecting a great deal today, and indeed, I was not disappointed.

I had a good start trying to run well within my limits, which I thought I was, unfortunately my limits seemed to move sometime around half way and I was left wanting, as they say. This event for me is about getting round though so I wasn’t too bothered when the wheels wobbled a bit. I can’t ask the legs to do what I know is too much, after so many days on the bike.


So in the end, not a bad day, tougher than I expected, the legs are hurting a bit but I shall be on the start line tomorrow.


26.2 miles 4:42, like I say, not brilliant but job done

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