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  • Day 21
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    Day 21   Today the alarm went off at 5.15 am, well actually it didn’t go off as I was already awake and out of bed. A swift breakfast and sort out of kit followed before I found myself once again on the slab for one last leg loosening session.…
    Written on %AM, %26 %421 %2016 %10:%May in Blog Read 2467 times
  • Day 20
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        Day 20   Up as usual this morning though I gave myself an extra 15 minutes in bed, feeling a tad tired for some reason. I was on the slab by 7 am and being gently pummelled till about 8.15. Adam then tapes me up to protect the…
    Written on %PM, %20 %884 %2016 %21:%May in Blog Read 1756 times
  • Day 18
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    Day 18   Once again I set off without a watch and once again my legs felt remarkably good compared to the previous days. I tend to spend the first few miles getting warmed up and assessing the body to see what is hurting and what is not. This morning…
    Written on %PM, %18 %854 %2016 %20:%May in Blog Read 1661 times
  • Day 16
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    Day 16   Traditionally in 10 in 10 terms this one is ladies day, were the men are supposed to dress up a bit for the start. This year instead though, the therapist’s team dressed up in dresses, all very funny and some great comments during the morning session.  …
    Written on %PM, %17 %867 %2016 %20:%May in Blog Read 1727 times
  • Day 15
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    Day 15 Well, well, well, what a day of one whole. Yesterday I was subjected to some different treatments, more intense and more painful, followed by the usual pummelling that I get. This morning also I was attacked in the hip flexors by Adam, now that is painful. I was…
    Written on %PM, %16 %883 %2016 %21:%May in Blog Read 1587 times

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