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Paul Dewar takes on the ULTIMATE Tri Challenge
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The 4 icons below on the map can be clicked on to bring up more information about each day.  You can also click on the "Day" on the left of the map to zoom to that day.

Click on these symbols on the map to bring up more information about each stage.

Cycling  - Bike Stage

Swimming - Swim Stage

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J F Hornby & Co

Why are you sponsoring Paul's epic challenge?

The Hornby Foundation supports local charities, good causes and community groups. It is solely funded by J F Hornby & Co Chartered Accountants who believe in giving a large part of their profits back into the local community. Trustee John Hornby commented The Brathay Trust is such a well deserving Charity and what Paul is doing to give these youngsters opportunities they’ve previously not had is such a selfless journey. We are incredibly proud to support him and wish him the best of luck!

Find out more about J F Hornby & Co

J F Hornby & Co is one of the leading independent firms of Chartered Accountants in Cumbria. We have substantial across-the-board expertise in all aspects of general practice. 

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Ulverston Brewing Company

Why are you sponsoring Paul's epic challenge?

It is an honour to be supporting Paul's endurance adventure.

We all probably have a rebellious side and we ourselves have been very lucky in our lives to have been guided in the right direction. If we can help to raise the profile of 'To Hell and Back' and in turn if this helps just one young person to succeed and change their life for the better, then it will be well worth it.

What we are doing is the easy side, Paul's challenge however is a different matter......PAIN


Find out more about Ulverston Brewing Company

We are an award winning micro-brewery based in the Old Auction Mart, a Victorian building dating back to 1875. We have been in our current home now for 5 years and have steadily built up our portfolio of fine ales providing something for everyone.

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The latest news from To Hell & Back

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About Paul

Paul Dewar, Man & Machine, 21 Days of Pain, 1600 miles of Hurt, Inspiring Young Lives.

Wow, there is a lot to live up to in that title!!                                            

A bit about me. I am male, 5'10" ish, grey hair and just turned 50, married to Trudi, who manages to smile and support me through some of these nutty challenges that I do. We run a traditional Inn situated just south of The Lake york mile17 2

Born in Harrogate in the wonderful county of Yorkshire and lived there for a number of years until the family re-located to South Wales and then to North Devon some years later. Having avoided all forms of excersise at school for as long as possible I found myself press ganged into a rugby team at school in Devon and found that I actually enjoyed it, other than the cold in the winter!! After all, it was on the edge of Exmoor. From here I developed into other sports, athletics and cross country running amongst them. I found that I wasn't too bad at this running lark and soon found myself representing the school in the North Devon league and various races further afield.

Once I left school though, running took a nose dive, I found beer, smoking and girls much more alluring!! I did however have a few moments of running but these moments were very scarce and never for any period of time.

As I hit the ripe old age of 30 I decided that I needed to get fit and so once again took up running. Being a bit older I found that I actually stuck to it and was soon enetering a local 10k. I think my time was just over 50 minutes and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was hooked again and a few years later ran my first marathon in Sheffield.

I can still remember how tough it was, I had trained hard for the event but nothing could prepare me for the pain that my legs went through during the last few miles, and indeed the next few days. It didn't put me off though, and although I didn't run a marathon for another year, I did still keep up the running. I was mainly running 10k's, 10 milers and half marathons, clocking up some respectful times, but I always felt that I never had enough time to do the training to go longer.

In 2007 we became self employed and set up our company a year or so later. Although we worked all the hours to get things going I still managed to do some training although didn't race again for a number of years. As the business grew, we found that we could employ others and therefore free up time for us. For me I was back out regularly on the roads and found myself entering the Brathay Windermere Marathon. I trained hard for this event and was pleased with my performance on this tough course.

This was to prove a turning point for me as this is when I heard about the 10 in 10 and witnessed it first hand. Here was a handful of normal guys running 10 marathons in 10 days for the Brathay charity. I was amazed at what they were doing and after some thought entered the event for the following year, 2012. Surprisingly, I was accepted and transformed my mind and body from a one marathon a year guy into a multi day event guy. It took some time and the journey was not particularily pleasant if I'm honest, especially during the winter months, but I persevered and was rewarded with an unforgettable 10 days in May 2012.The last 10in10part 2 20thMay2012 027 resize


From then on I was running marathons about once a month, and then a customer lent me a book by Andy Holgate about his Ironman journey. I read it and instantly dismissed the idea as madness, too much training, swimming, which I only did on holiday to cool down, and cycling, nuts. Little was I to know that the seed had been planted!!

 A few months later I was chatting to Paul McKenny (waiting for his daughter to finish work), he has a lot to answer for, and he was telling me how he had done a couple of Ironman events and that it really wasn't that bad. Unfortunately, I listened to him and ended up entering Ironman UK 2013. I went and bought a bike, practically learnt how to swim again from scratch and generally got myself in some sort of shape to complete the event. It was hard, one of the toughest things that I have put my body through, but I did it.

So, what do you do when you reach 50?? Well, I  dreamt up some ludicrous event that will really push me to the absolute limits. For me it is going to be the challenge of a lifetime. Yes, I run marathons for fun, yes, I participate in long distance triathlons for fun, but I also raise money for charity whilst doing them and so this seems the perfect way to combine the two things.

The road to get to the start line is not going to be an easy one, it is going to be a long, hard slog but I will get there. I hope that in doing so and, in taking on this challenge that I can inspire others, especially the younger generation to take on their own challenges and maybe change their lives for the better. After all, that's what Brathay is all about.  


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About Brathay

The Brathay Trust, a charity based in Cumbria which supports some of the UK’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable young children.

Many challenges are being faced by children and young adults in their day to day lives, they may be vulnerable, disengaged, or just plain “hard to reach”, and they may have dropped through the support network provided by parents, schools, family and social services. They may have no family to speak of, they may be dabbling in drugs and alcohol, they may have been sexually exploited, and they may be involved in criminal activity and gangs and even dropped out of school or further education.

They need help to enable them to change course, they need help to enable them to develop confidence and motivation, to develop the skills needed to unlock their potential and make positive changes in their lives. They need help to re-enter education or training, to foster relationships with their family, help to avoid and move away from criminal activity.

Brathay does all of this and more. It scoops up these individuals delivering community and residential programmes that help these young people to have a voice in the community, to become peer mentors and young leaders and in turn to then inspire others and show them that change is possible.

To find out more about the Brathay Trust, visit their website -

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The Stan Laurel Inn

Why are you sponsoring Paul's epic challenge?

Paul has always been involved in charity fundraising through the pub but in the last few years he has taken it upon himself to do some of the hardest things in the world of endurance. This latest hare brained scheme is just, well, quite frankly nuts. He will do it though, as he will train all the hours he can and ready himself mentally for what is an extremely tough and difficult challenge.

Whilst doing all this he will do his utmost to raise funds for The Brathay Trust and do his best to inspire those young people that Brathay tries to reach out and help.

Over many years that Paul has run businesses he has employed many teenagers and fully knows the challenges faced by them, these are the lucky ones who have homes, schooling and stability in their lives and are able to keep a job. There are many more who don’t have these things and need help. Paul wants to help them, that’s why we want to help Paul

Find out more about The Stan Laurel Inn

The Stan Laurel Inn is situated in the small bustling market town of Ulverston, the birthplace of Stan Laurel. We are a traditional pub with six handpulled real ales, an extensive menu, and three letting rooms. We pride ourselves on our friendly, efficient service and look forward to welcoming guests, old and new. Please check our website for offers and more information.

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Why are you sponsoring Paul's epic challenge? sponsors many events such as Paul’s challenge. We are always impressed with people who give up their valuable time and energy to raise money for projects such as Brathay. Our technology protects people and assets at risk and we will be tracking Paul throughout his challenge as we do with all of our customers, as their employees go about their business.

Paul’s sponsors, friends and family will be able to watch his progress. We wish Paul a successful and safe journey and hope he raises lots of money for Brathay.

Find out more about TrackaPhone

TrackaPhone Ltd are an indusrty leader in Location Technology, speciallising in developing systems for real time and analytical tracking of people and assets.  Whether you need an alert and monitoring system for your employees in the field, or your fleet vehicles tracked for efficiency and security, TrackaPhone have the solutions for you.

Find our more by visiting the website -

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Use our interactive map below to find out more about the routes and what's involved in the challenge.

The 3 icons below on the map can be clicked on to bring up more information about each day.  You can also click on the "Day" on the left of the map to zoom to that day.

Click on these symbols on the map to bring up more information about each stage.

Cycling  - Bike Stage

Swimming - Swim Stage

running icon red - Marathon Stage

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